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Automatic renewals
Activate the automatic renewal of your domain and worry no more about the renewal dates.


Full DNS control
Manage the DNS of your domain to be able to use an external hosting if you wish.


Mod lock
Avoid possible mistakes by blocking modifications to your domains.


Transfer blocking
Blocking transfers will prevent your domain from being transferred by mistake or on purpose.


Massive changes
If you have a large portfolio of domains, making configuration changes will be a breeze.


Contact management
Easily manage all the contact details for your domains.


Free Web Applications
Install in 1 click a wide variety of applications such as WordPress, Jooma and Prestashop and hundreds more, so you can easily create your website or online store.


Professional and Personalized Emails
Create email accounts associated with your domain and take advantage of all the advantages of our email plans, without additional costs.


Forms of Payment
We accept all forms of international payment, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Paypal, ACH, Transfers, Western Union.


Refund Guarantee
Try our hosting plans and resell hosting, without obligation. If you are not convinced of our service, we will refund your money.


Customize the panel to your liking
You can fully customize the panel, from the color palette and logos to the domain that users will use to access it.


Manage the contacts assigned to your domains.


Change the DNS servers assigned to your domains.


Redirection and Parking
All our domains include the possibility of being redirected to another for free or activating a personalized courtesy page if you do not plan to use it immediately.


Whois Privacy

Our free Whois Privacy service allows you to hide your public data, which can be seen when making a Whois query of the domain you have registered. Whois


Immediate activation
In a market as competitive and globalized as that of domains, the seconds of delay in the registration can mean that you get ahead and run out of it.


EasyPad Constructor
Create a professional-looking website yourself with our design tool, no knowledge required. We guarantee that in minutes you will have your website created.


Professional Emails without Hosting and without Domain “”
Create email accounts associated with a private domain and take advantage of all the advantages of our email plans, without additional costs for hosting or domain with a single domain “”.


Project your business
Providing external access to the management of your domains, hosting plans or email accounts to a third party has never been easier, you will still have control over them at any time.


Created to meet your needs
We have created the external administration panel focusing on the details, you will still have the decision on each aspect of your domains, you will establish the privileges that each user will have or you will even create multiple users with different read or edit permissions if you wish.

Other features

  • Supports PHP 7.0
  • Curl, GD & Image Magick installed
  • MySQL Databases
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Complete DNS Zone Management
  • Supports SSL Certificate Installation
  • Access to cron jobs
  • Own control panel
  • Statistics with integrated Webalizer
  • FTP access & WebFTP
  • Access log files
  • Bandwidth statistics
  • Online support via ticket & chat